Raising Venture Capital: Big Headlines Hide the Ugly Truth

Dataminr, Inc. is celebrating. The company just announced a feat that a lot of small business owners would love to claim: a new $130 million investment from leading angels and VC… on top of $50 million raised since opening their doors in 2009. The latest investment values the company north of $700 million.

Dazzled? Jealous? Stories like this make you think that raising venture capital is the easiest, fastest – and sexiest – option for funding your small business.
Think again. Behind the headlines are 4 tough truths about raising venture capital and private equity.

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The Senses — Something that Internet Shopping can’t Provide

“It’s an olfactory archive,” Shapero said, holding a book to her nose and inhaling deeply. “It’s a smell that’s disappearing from this city.”

That’s how Annie Shapero, a vocal student and fragrance reviewer described Frank Music Company, the last classical sheet music store in New York City. After eighty years in business, it will close on Friday. Why? Because of the Internet.

“To be replaced by something so inferior – it’s such an insult,” Rogers said. “But if you appeal to people’s lowest instincts, like we’re going to give you this score for nothing, it’s basically saying it has no value.”

What Rogers said is another discussion. What struck me though was the important role the senses play when making a purchase. When I buy something in a brick and mortar store I can feel it, I can smell it, and I can see what it really looks like. I don’t want to knock any online sellers, but the truth is that every time I’ve bought something online, I’ve been disappointed. I need the sensory element to make good decisions.

Smell a rose. Touch quality fabric. Take a look at the picture of an item on the Internet and then go in a store and sense it. You’ll sense the difference.

Quotes from : http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/mar/06/new-york-last-classical-sheet-music-shop-closes-frank-music