The Freelance Nation is Here

My friends and I had a feeling that it was true. But you know how it is…no one really believes you until a study verifies what everyone already knows.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. What had my friends and I already figured out? That jobs that well-educated people who make made up the middle class no longer exist. What happened to them? Technology.

Technology has taken away duties that once belonged to middle managers. Technology has also created companies that simply don’t need to hire lots of people. In the Scientific American article, “The End of Economic Growth?”  Carl Benedikt Frey notes that earlier computer-based business employed far more people than the current ones do.

Whereas in 2013 IBM and Dell employed 431,212 and 108,800 workers, respectively, Facebook employed only 8,348 as of last September (2014).

…in 2010 only about 0.5 percent of the U.S. workforce was employed in industries that did not exit a decade earlier.

This is proof that the all of you still looking for a “middle class” job need to start thinking differently. Those jobs may still exist, but you and everyone else will be fighting for the few that are out there.

It’s time for a different mentally. Stop thinking of yourself as an employee and start thinking of yourself as self-employed. The article states that:

Indeed, self-employment might become the new normal.

We believe that:

Indeed, self-employtment is the new normal.