Get Your Dreams Out of Your Head 15 Minutes a Day

It only takes 15 minutes a day to get your dreams out of your head and into you life.

In my role as an ESL teacher, I’ve often told my students that practicing English 15 minutes a day is enough for them to improve. Upon first hearing this, students are surprised and doubtful. But, those who try it see that the 15 minute rule allows them to make progress on a daily basis which adds to to big gains in the long run because 15 minutes doesn’t demand much from them mentally or time wise, so they do it.

The same approach works when you are trying to transform the dreams in your head into reality. Give them 15 minutes a day of effort and guess what? Each 15 minute session will bring you closer to realizing your dream.

Ok. I already hear the excuses.

“My day is so busy, I can’t possibly set 15 minutes aside,” you say.

And you’re right. So don’t try to fit it into the middle of your day. Simply get up 15 minutes earlier every day and dedicate that time to working towards your dream.

“But it will take me forever,” you may say.

But isn’t your definition of forever better than never?

What better time to give this a try than the beginning of a new year?

Remember: You create your future today.