Creativity in Business — Chanel

If this Chanel show was genius, it’s not only for everything I just narrated to you (and let’s not even start talking about the hours of work to achieve that) and for this celebration / critique of consumerism, but it’s also because, if right now, fashion shows are a communication event then this one must have exploded any standard. The number of tweets and Instagrams went litteraly crazy. Chanel Explosion N°128616. 🙂

Chanel Shopping Center | Garance Dore

Chanel’s venues have become more and more creative of late, but this one takes the cake. It’s the story of making connections. Of not allowing thoughts of “Maybe that’s a bad idea,” or “Maybe they won’t like it,” to get in the way.

I first saw it here: Chanel Fall | Winter 2014

And read more about it here: Chanel Shopping Center