Trying to Communicate With An Introvert? 5 Points That’ll Help

Business Analysts who come from the business side may sometimes wonder, “Just how do I interact with people on the tech side of the world?”

When I first started  my career, I have to admit that this was not my strong point. I remember taking a training class in which I had to get people with different types or personalities to do things. I succeeded with everyone except, guess who — The introverted technical guy.

Now there were technical people that weren’t true introverts, and I did fine with them. But it was the true introvert that I just couldn’t get anywhere with.

Fortunately I got better (really fortunately since my job depended on it). And the lessons I learned about dealing with introverts are summed up in this cartoon that I just found circulating on the web.

Take a look and let me know what you think? Can you relate? What tips do you have?

Introversion comic